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That Natural Place is a welcoming space offering organic bulk herbs and spices, quality supplements, pantry items, local raw honey in bulk, and a small array of gift items.  You are welcome to sample any tea and sit in the front window space, read a book and just relax, or shop, ask questions and begin your wellness journey here at That Natural Place.  We are located at 1000 North Wisconsin Street #3 in Port Washington, WI.

Natural Solutions is a wellness center next door that consists of the following holistic services:  Reflexology, Jade stone facial, consultation with Shelly, EVRL laser therapy, Zerona Z6 body contouring laser, Red light therapy, individual sauna treatments, Biomat sessions.

North Star Integrative Health is also in this space if you are looking for a provider who does blood work and has a natural approach.  Also available is a Holistic Nutritionist.  262-235-4088

Shelly Skorik RN
& Reflexologist

About the Owner

That Natural Place has been a dream of mine for many years. I have worked as a nurse in Allopathic medicine for 30 years in many different areas. I also served in the Army for 22 years doing several overseas and stateside medical missions. Having a passion for helping people, I’m excited to expose others to the natural modalities, therapies and remedies that I have studied and personally used for many years. I believe God created the world and everything in it, so to me His creation was intentional and serves a purpose. This is God’s medicine.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Shelly and her team are amazing! The information they share and the help they give to improve your health, and boost your immune systems are priceless! Just walking in the store and smelling all the wonderful smells makes me relax instantly!

Shop From Home

Shop from home and delivered right to your door!

L’BRI Pure and Natural – Aloe-based skin care
Independent Consultant- Samples available in store

practitioner only supplement line:  shellyskorik.metagenics.com
High quality supplements we carry in the store are now available online with FREE SHIPPING.

Market America
Isotonic supplements
We carry a small selection in store, now you have access to a whole line of isotonic products.  Isotonix is a powder you mix with water and drink, tastes delicious!  It has the fastest delivery and maximum absorption of nutrients.  Results you actually feel.

TRS spray and Fulvic Acid tincture
Both are available in store or online.  Autoship available online with a significant discount.